Friday, March 28, 2008

chris crocker

im usually not the type to post something like this... seeing as i only try to "blog" about people i find interesting, or people that actually have careers... as far as i'm concerned this person is neither of those things. in this particular case, i simply found this "vlog" O.O.C.(out of control) & ridiculous. so many things crossed my mind as i watched this almost two minute video, so naturally i was forced to post.

1. why is he still posting videos?
2. does he actually have a fan base?
3. has anything he ever done been relevant? (sure, his little "leave britney alone" thing went global, but weren't we all thinking the same thing?)
4. why does his mouth move like that when he talks?
5. does he not realize that while his hair isn't a clip in, it could still be pulled out, and would probably hurt a lot worse?
6. was he just bored?
etc, etc, etc

just watch


life has been VERY boring, lately. this is not any one's fault. NOTHING has been going on. NOTHING! everyone would rather stay in than go out. & when there is a show or random party, NO ONE is there. it's very strange. i'm hoping this will all change as spring time becomes more apparent...
i shouldn't even be complaining about boredom. because i tend to forget that my life is about to be anything but. i'm embarking on a journey. something i've never been a part of. i'm about to move in to a FANCY/AMAZING/BEAUTIFUL/HUGE/BLUE house in hillsboro village, with 5 other people. i don't even know what to expect. i'm scared. i'm excited. we all have very strong personalities and we all love to have a good time. i'm sure unnecessary drama will ensue. the only thing missing is a reality t.v. show.
so i guess there really is no rhyme nor reason to this post, there usually never is... but all i'm trying to say is, hopefully this winter slump is coming to an end. & i hope to see all my familiar party friends out and about, before we all dry up. & if i cant get u to a bar, i hope to get u to my NEW house, where lots of parties will inevitably happen.

tender love & joyous kisses

Sunday, March 16, 2008

prime example

as to why people SHOULDNT get plastic surgery
because u could look like this...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Margiela = amazing

SO fucking innovative
i love the shape
the silhouette
everything, really...